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Sales Script by Mind Map: Sales Script

1. Have I caught you in middle of something?

2. Pain marker: I mean a lot of companies in your marketplace are dealing with low average checks & abandoned carts and we have a real solution and we offer value. I mean we have our finger on the pulse about what's actually happening and we want to discuss it with your boss

3. I'm trying to connect with the person who oversees online store operations. Can you point me in the right direction?

4. May I please speak with the person who's in charge of your online store?

5. You already know decision maker's contacts

5.1. May I please speak with Laura? We communicated via email and I wanted to get in touch with her to tell more about the actual steps to improve your website.

6. Hey, my name's Mason. I work with Shopify stores like yours Calling you with Mr.Booster. How are you today/How have you been?

7. You have no idea to whom you're calling

8. Transfered

9. No

10. Hey, the reason why I'm calling is that we help online stores to increase conversion, boost their sales, increase average check. The system we've built identifies the purchase goal, rebuilds the entire shop assortment; this personalization allows you to offer the most relevant products for each specific customer. And it leads to sell.

11. I've called you at the wrong time so I don't want to take any more of your time and what I would like to do put 10 to 15 minutes on your calendar next week and I'll call you back and I can talk to you a little more about how we work and I can learn a little more about your challenges and we can determine if it makes sense to talk in more detail. Can I put 10 minutes on your calendar next week?

12. Transfered

13. No

14. Not interested

15. Interested

16. I can tell you more about it.

17. Unlike all other recommendation systems it defines the goal of purchase. It analyses a purchasing history of each customer and builds recommendations based on purchasing goal. For example, two weeks ago John bought a PC and a gaming mouse. Today he visits a store and adds to the cart a mousepad and a network cable. Any other recommendation system might show him a mouse as a recommended item to buy. This happens frequently with other systems because they are taking into consideration only 1 shopping cart per time. MrBooster knows that the mouse is already bought and defines John’s shopping goal as “gaming”. So, the plugin helps John to purchase all necessary stuff for gaming and displays items like headset, streaming web camera, etc.

18. The process of determining a purchase goal works automatically by analyzing purchasing and real-time user behavior data.

19. MrBooster AI recommendation system increases conversion by x2.13 & doubles the average check.

20. Free plan and PAYING FOR RESULT ONLY

21. What do you think about we've discussed so far?