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Lung Cancer by Mind Map: Lung Cancer

1. Who's impacted?

1.1. Generally people who smoke cigarettes.

2. What are the symptoms?

2.1. Coughing, skin turning yellow, tired, bone pain, chest pain.

3. Are there different types?

3.1. Small cell lung cancer(SCLC) Non small cell lung cancer(NSCLC) this one is the most common.

4. Treatment options?

4.1. Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy.

5. Can you die from lung cancer?

5.1. Yes it's a cancer that you will probably die from because most people who smoke have lung cancer.

6. Side Effects?

6.1. Hair loss, Sore mouth, No appetite, Vomiting, Trouble Breathing

7. What is Lung Cancer?

7.1. Lung cancer is cancer in the lungs and effects your way of breathing

8. Why do cells divide?

8.1. Cells divide because when the cluster together they form tumors.