Education and Career Goals

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Education and Career Goals by Mind Map: Education and Career Goals


1.1. Working on my morning routine to ensure i arrive on time for classes and lectures.

1.2. i must convert into a very conscientious individual and ensure to arrive to work on time. I must also have a creative mind, in order to have the ability to develop activities that will benefit young minds

1.3. To achieve my goal as a primary teacher, I must obtain excellent communication skills, self-discipline, resilience, creativity and acquire interpersonal abilities.


2.1. In Today's time, it is more difficult to discover jobs for teaching as there are a great number amount of teachers in my area, as well as students studying for it.

2.2. I have a hard time seeking help from others such as my teachers and classmates. I also tend to overthink when i work on my assessments and become very anxious.

2.3. i struggle to perpetuate an acceptable attendance, as well as arriving on time.


3.1. I have a deep passion to inspire young minds and having the ability to help them reach their full potential in education.

3.2. i have exceptional communication skills which will help pupils feel comfortable in their learning habitat and contribute in class activities

3.3. I feel very motivated to achieve this career as i have always the urge to help others, especially children.


4.1. Completing a Graduate Diploma followed by a four year Bachelor of Education

4.2. I will have to participate in teacher training in order to observe and obtain some experience that will give me the idea of what i will be doing.

4.3. Reducing my hours of working so i can focus on my educational goals, and to have more time to study as well as work on assessments.