linking devices

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linking devices by Mind Map: linking devices

1. different kinds

1.1. words and phrases

1.2. effect or result

2. therefore

2.1. Our climate is changing

2.1.1. Therefore the Arctic ice is melting

3. for that reason

3.1. We cannot understand it nor the reason of it.

4. because of

4.1. He got food poisoning because of undercooked chicken.

5. as a result of

5.1. Lewis was promoted

5.1.1. As a result of his hard work

6. that's why

6.1. I missed the bus and that‘s why I‘m late

7. due to

7.1. At

7.1.1. My flight is due to arrive at 7 am

8. owing to

8.1. The accident happened

8.1.1. Owing to the fog on the motorway

9. thu

9.1. They are thus subject to defects in this treatment.