Discussion on Solids and Liquids

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Discussion on Solids and Liquids by Mind Map: Discussion on Solids and Liquids

1. 1. Properties of Objects and Materials can change.

1.1. I will assess my students by answering their questions, and asking if they have any questions on what we will be doing today.

2. Grade 1 Ages 6&7

3. This will be a whole class discussion

4. They have basic knowledge on solids and liquids.

5. They will better understand what is a solid and what is a liquid and how to group them

6. 1. After Morning Meeting, I will tell my students to stay on the carpet and explain to them that we will be learning about two states of matter throughout the day- Solids and Liquids. 2. I will then play the video and stop it at the two points that ask for examples of a solid and liquid. 3. I will take a few quiet hands to tell me examples of these two things. 4. After the video is over, we will then go over the PowerPoint. 5. We will follow the instructions on the PowerPoint because it contains all of the main points that I want to go over with them. 6. After the PowerPoint is finished, I will ask if there are any questions about what we will be doing today. 7. I will answer any questions, and then we will go into the reading lesson that we will be doing that day. I will keep them on the carpet so that we are all together and I can inform them that we will be learning about solids and liquids. The video is a fun way to keep their attention but it will also explain in a visual way valuable information to them. Asking for some of my students to give examples is a way to informally assess what they already know, and what they are learning from the video. The PowerPoint leaves ample room for discussion and learning about solids and liquids. Asking if there are any questions gives me a way to see what I need to explain better before we start actually doing the activities. I will not be able to reflect on my social studies lesson until it has been taught.

7. What is matter? What defines a solid? What defines a liquid?

8. SmartBoard and Youtube

9. We will utilize technology by watching a video and answering questions off of a powerpoint

10. I will allow more time for discussion for my students that struggle with comprehension. I will have more questions and examples ready for my students that finish quicker.

11. I will evaluate my students by asking questions, and listening to their conversations with their peers.