Are We There Yet? By Alison Lester

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Are We There Yet? By Alison Lester by Mind Map: Are We There Yet? By Alison Lester

1. English

1.1. Language

1.1.1. Using flash cards with sentences including verbs from the text, "Are We There Yet?" By Alison Lester, underline the verb and sort the sentences into categories of 'past', 'present' and 'future' (ACELA1482)

1.1.2. Create your own word search using key words or locations from the text, "Are We There Yet?" by Alison Lester (ACELA1486)

1.1.3. With a partner, conduct an interview about their favourite place to travel in Australia, including things such as why it’s their favourite place, who they like to travel there with and fun things to do while there (ACELA1476)

1.1.4. In partners, debate over reasons why you should or should not visit Australia, providing a minimum of five points for your argument (ACELY1682)

1.1.5. Students will create a "Contraction Foldable" using contractions from the text, as well as contractions that they have discovered themselves (ACELA1480)

1.1.6. Students will read the chosen text, "Are We There Yet?" by Alison Lester in partners or groups, taking turns reading different sections of the book. Students are encouraged to use their knowledge of letter-sound relationships, syllables, and blending and segmenting to fluently read (ACELA1826)

1.2. Literacy

1.2.1. Choose your favourite place visited by Gracie and her family and write a diary entry from that day from one of the other characters (Mum, Dad, Billy or Luke) point of view (ACELY1675)

1.2.2. What games do Gracie and her family play in the car to make the time pass? In a small group, make a collection of your favourite games to play in the car and present them in a booklet (ACELY1676)

1.2.3. Plan a short presentation about reasons to visit Australia using some form of presentation software (PowerPoint, Canva, Prezi etc.) (ACELY1677)

1.2.4. After reading and re-reading the text “Are We There Yet?” by Alison Lester aloud to students, students are to organise key information from the text and share their understanding with others in a retell either orally, through drama or with the use of drawings (ACELY1679)

1.2.5. “Are We There Yet?” by Alison Lester will be read and reread to students. While students listen, they will develop ideas about how the text can be brought to life through drama. Students will then draft a simple script using a chosen section from the text and then reread and edit the script, ensuring they have checked grammar, spelling, structure etc. (ACELY1683)

1.3. Literature

1.3.1. After reading "Are We There Yet?" By Alison Lester, choose another country for Gracie and her family to travel around and create a short sequel to the text, detailing key locations, landmarks and experiences (ACELT1601)

1.3.2. Using their knowledge of adjectives, students will choose a scene from the text, "Are We There Yet?" by Alison Lester and write a paragraph using adjectives to establish setting and atmosphere (ACELT1599)

1.3.3. After learning about Aboriginal Dreamtime Stories, students are to create their own Dreamtime Story, explaining how an animal or landmark came to be the way it is - e.g. "How the Echidna Got it's Spikes" (ACELT1601)

2. Mathematics

2.1. Measurement & Geometry

2.1.1. Create a timeline of the places visited by Gracie and her family throughout the text. Then, using the provided map, plot their journey (ACMMG065) (ACELA1486)

2.1.2. Go for a class walk and compose a set of detailed instructions of where you travelled. Then, create a map to accompany your instructions (ACMMG065) (ACELA1482)

2.1.3. Using clay/Play-Doh, recreate one of Australia’s major natural features that Gracie and her family visited during the text e.g. Uluru or Wave Rock. Provide a description of your natural feature and where it is located in Australia (ACMMG063) (ACELA1486)

3. Humanities & Social Sciences

3.1. Knowledge & Understanding

3.1.1. Using Google Earth, identify Australian states, territories and capital cities, as well as all the landmarks the family travelled to in “Are We There Yet?” by Alison Lester and plot them on the provided map (ACHASSK066) (ACELA1486)

3.2. Humanities & Social Science Skills

3.2.1. In Glenrowan, Billy made a Ned Kelly helmet. Using the iPads or a laptop, research Ned Kelly or another famous Australian bushranger and write a biography about their life using Microsoft Word, including key facts, events and experiences (WAHASS38) (ACELY1685)

3.2.2. In Hobart Museum, Gracie and her family see a stuffed Tasmanian Tiger and Gracie discovers that they are extinct. Research endangered species and write a newspaper article about that species, including things such as a description of the animal, habitat, predators, reasons they are endangered and how people can help (WAHASS28) (ACELY1682)

4. Visual Arts

4.1. Making

4.1.1. In groups of three, create a poster promoting tourism in Australia, incorporating aspects such as colour, text and illustrations (ACAVAM111) (ACELA1476)

4.1.2. At Kakadu National Park, Gracie and her family were led through galleries of rock art. Using the provided examples, create your own Aboriginal rock art. Then, write a rationale justifying your artistic choices (ACAVAM110) (ACELA1478)

4.2. Responding

4.2.1. What do you like about the illustrations in the text? As a class, brainstorm the artistic elements used by Lester in the text. Then, students are to reflect upon the illustrations in the text and compose a short response detailing the artistic choices made by Lester (ACAVAR113) (ACELY1676)