cloud computing

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cloud computing by Mind Map: cloud computing

1. what is it?

1.1. computernetwork

1.2. everything is by internet

1.3. "dreamcloud"

2. what are the caracteristics?

2.1. trustworthy

2.2. unattached

2.3. buying price

2.4. better security

2.5. reaction speed

2.6. legal aspects

3. what are the different kind of shapses of mindmapping

4. what are the motifs for a company to use mindmapping?

4.1. safer

4.2. easier

4.3. use it anywhere

4.4. no personal computers, but everybody can use each others laptop

4.5. cheaper

5. what are the dangers or the attentionpoints of mindmapping?

5.1. hackers

5.2. less privacy

5.3. always close your profile after using

5.4. storage rooms

6. what is the evolution of mindmapping in Belgium?

6.1. only 8% of Belgium companies is using it

6.2. 6% is thinking of using it this year

6.3. used by suppliers