Client Requirements

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Client Requirements by Mind Map: Client Requirements

1. Topic

1.1. Theme Park

1.2. Range of attractions

1.2.1. rollercoasters

1.2.2. Waterpark

1.2.3. A childrens zoo shoes kids are included in the age range

1.2.4. Various restaurants

1.2.5. Cafe

1.3. Newest Attractions

1.3.1. Haunted house

1.3.2. Mighty Splsh Water slide

2. Digital Audio sequence

2.1. should be between 30 and 60 seconds long

2.1.1. this is because the maximum time for queuing for tickets is 5 minutes and on a loop it would be the correct time

2.2. save in a file format which is suitable playing through a sound system

2.2.1. .aif - AIF audio file

2.2.2. cda - CD audio track file

2.2.3. mid or .midi - MIDI audio file.

2.2.4. mp3 - MP3 audio file

2.2.5. mpa - MPEG-2 audio file

2.2.6. ogg - Ogg Vorbis audio file

2.2.7. wav - WAV file

2.2.8. wma - WMA audio file

2.2.9. wpl - Windows Media Player playlist

2.3. Sound scape should from part of a longer loop

2.3.1. Because most of the visitors at landsor hall queue for a maximum of 5 mins

3. Marketing Manager

3.1. Asked to produce a digital audio sequence

3.1.1. for a sound scape

3.1.2. it will be played when people are queuing for tickets

3.2. the area is filled with cinema-quality surround sound

3.2.1. this is so that you can hear it loudly from where you are waiting even if you are far back which they shouldn't be as it a maximum of 5 mins for queuing time

3.3. the soundscape will comprise of a voice over and sound effects and may include instructions on where to go and what to see

3.3.1. it would entice the audience to go to the place that is said in the voice over to either make more money or get more visitors

3.4. Families to be exited for their visit

3.4.1. could include thrills from the rides increase anticipation

3.4.2. laughter increase anticipation

3.4.3. music increase anticiation