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My network by Mind Map: My network

1. My friend (Olivia) She has a summer job at the beach and can help me get a job!

2. My Gym teacher- I have an interest in being a PE teacher and i can ask for a job shadow

3. My coach- He knows lots of high level coaches and knows good programs because I want to coach at a high level.

4. My brother- He has a good job and can help me get a job!

5. My parents- They have lots of friends throughout their job and could find anyone who is hiring

6. The coach of the UBCO heat soccer team. Help me find coaching programs to be a university coach

7. Restuarant owners -My friends family owns a restaurant and can help me get a job as a busser

8. My friends dad is a police officer ad can tell me more about the job

9. My teacher- they can let me shadow them for a couple days to gain experience of being a teacher

10. Physiotherapist- I can ask my physiotherapist about his job and ask him if i can do a job shadow.

11. Teacher- my friends mom is a teacher and I am thinking about becoming a teacher so I could ask if they could give me more information about the job and possibly a job shadow.

12. Mrs Demug my school counselor can talk to me about different job that I might be interested in.

13. Elementary school teachers- My brothers girlfriends parents are teachers and could ask them about the job and any questions I have about the job.

14. Veterinarian- My dogs vet I really like animals and can see myself being a veterinarian so I could ask if I could shadow my dogs veterinarian and ask about the job.