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Heart by Mind Map: Heart

1. Treatment procedures

1.1. Cardio version; brief discharges of electricity passing across the chest to stop a cardiac arrhythmia.

1.2. Coronary artery bypass graffiti (CABG); vessels taken from the patient ‘t legs are connected to coronary arteries to make detours around blockage.

1.3. Endarterectomy:surgical removal of the innermost lining of an artery to remove fatty deposits and clots.

1.4. Heart transplantation; a donor heart is transferred to a recipient.

2. Laboratory tests & diagnostics procedures

2.1. Angiography: recording; (via x-ray images) blood vessels after the injection of contrast into the bloodstream.

2.2. Cardiac catheterization.(C.C); introduction a catheter into coronary blood vessels to measure pressure and flow patterns of blood.

2.3. Cardiac enzyme tests; measurements of enzymes released into the bloodstream after a heart attack.

2.4. Electrocardiography; recording electricity flowing through the heart.

2.5. Lipid tests:measurements of cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood.

2.6. Magnetic resonance imaging (MPR)producing an image by beaming magnetic waves at the heart.

2.7. Stress tests;an electrocardiogram plus blood pressure and heart rate measurements shows the heart’s response to physical exertion (treadmill test).

3. Pathology

3.1. Atherosclerosis; hardening of arteries with a collection of cholesterol-like plaque.

3.2. Aneurysm; local widening of an artery caused by weakness in the arterial wall or breakdown of the will form atherosclerosis

3.3. Angina; chest pain caused by decreased blood flow to heart muscle.

3.4. Arrhythmia; abnormal heartbeat.

3.5. Congestive heart failure; inability of the heart to pump its required amount of blood.

3.6. Hypertension; high blood pressure.

3.7. Myocardial infarction; heart attac. An infarct is an area of dead (necrotic)tissue.

4. Blood vessels

5. Veins

6. Venues

7. Tissue capillaries

8. Arteries

9. Arteries

10. Aorta