After Shakespeare environment

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After Shakespeare environment by Mind Map: After Shakespeare environment

1. Lead pencil

2. Wars

2.1. The wars of the Huguenots

2.2. War of liberation in the Netherlands

2.3. THe massacre of St. Bartholomew

2.4. The battle of the three kings

2.5. The Japanese invaded Korea

2.6. The Irish rebelled under Hugh O'Neill

3. Exploration and Colonization

3.1. Philippine Islands

3.1.1. Founded by the Spanish

3.2. Sir Humphrey Gilbert took possession of Northwest

3.2.1. In the name of Queen Elizabeth

3.3. Sir Walter Raleigh claimed Virginia

3.3.1. In the name of the Queen

3.4. Port Royal founded in Nova Scotia

3.4.1. By the French

3.5. The first school in Canada was founded

3.5.1. at Trois-Rivières and Tadoussac

4. Rulers and dynasties

4.1. Queen of Scots , married Darnley

4.2. Mary married Bothwell

4.3. Catherine the medici died

4.4. Oliver Cromwell born

4.5. Queen Elizabeth died

4.5.1. was succeeded by James VI

4.6. Beginning of the Romanov Dynasty

5. Science and invention

5.1. Invention of

5.1.1. Screw lathe

5.1.2. Decimal system

5.1.3. Knitting frame

5.1.4. Wind turbine

5.1.5. Revolving stage

5.2. Discovery of

5.2.1. Dibbling wheat

5.3. Galileo expounded

5.3.1. The principle of the pendulum

5.3.2. First law of motion

5.4. Galileo discovered

5.4.1. The moons of Jupiter

5.4.2. Logarithms by Napier

5.5. William expounded

5.5.1. THe theory of the circulation of the blood

6. Art and literature

6.1. Michelangelo died

6.2. Montaigne published

6.2.1. Spenser's "Faerie Queene"

6.3. Published authorized version of the bible

6.4. Don Quixote, romance published by Cervantes

7. Expanding ideas

7.1. Poland changed from hereditary to elective monarchy

7.2. Public debates on religion in India

7.3. Reform of the calendar

7.3.1. By Pope Gregory XIII

7.4. Japan became politically united