Customer Centricity

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Customer Centricity by Mind Map: Customer Centricity

1. 3. Operational (HOW)

1.1. Connect

1.1.1. Newsletter campaigns Goals Trigger to first order Retention Push info (new) products & solutions Call to actions Reply instantly Measure reactivity Push info to Telesales Agents Planning

1.1.2. LMCstore & Optimastore Choice Convenience Customization Control Speed Fun

1.2. Create

1.2.1. Discover mutual interests Suppliers? Brands? Organisation? Contacts? Influencers? Criteria / needs?

1.2.2. Deliver cats & docs Propose demo Propose visit Push to lmcstore

1.2.3. Regular follow up Feedback call first order Retention On going projects Negociation Create loyalty & trust

1.2.4. Approach customer as a human Credibility Trust

1.3. Collaborate

1.3.1. Teams Belgium I5A Liesbeth I5B Julie I5C Annick B50 Kris & CV5 Philip The Netherlands I6A Céline I6B Julie I6C Annick N50 Kris & CV6 Philip

1.3.2. Shared responsability Commitment Drive Customer Care is an attitude, not a department

2. 1. Strategical (WHY)

2.1. Digital tsunami

2.1.1. Amazon & Alibaba are already here! We need to... Speed up Act better Be different Stay closer to our customers They have their weaknesses No H2H contact No product expertise No technical support

2.1.2. Combined with B2B e-comm Key to succes

2.1.3. H2H B2C experience as std.

2.2. Disrupt our business model

2.2.1. Competence blindness Are we doing the right thing?

2.2.2. Accelerate Need more capacity Be more effective

2.2.3. Create the demand Digital marketing strategie Newsletters Social Media Outbounding Telesales strategy Artificial Intelligence & Big Data We have the data!

2.3. Trends

2.3.1. Urbanization Small spaces, great ideas @40m² Smart ergo solutions Functional & Comfortable Urban farming & gardening

2.3.2. Impact of the New Working Rush for talent Young employees Engaged to projects Voice & opinion Creative ideas Transparancy Companies should be glass boxes Culture of sharing

2.3.3. The Power of the Customer Customer 1st Create Community Employee 2nd HRM Shareholder 3rd

2.3.4. Impact of Technology Speed is unstopable Artificial Intelligence Big Data

3. 2. Tactical (WHAT)

3.1. Omnichannel approach

3.1.1. H2H (Human to Human) Field visit by Accountmanager Hunting & Farming Product & solutions demo Customer Care Agent Order management After sales Sales Support Telesales Agent Hunting Farming Demo lmcstore & optimastore Reseller Selected by LMC

3.1.2. LMCstore & OPTIMAstore State of the art User friendly Empower the customer allow him to process from A to Z B2C 360° experience

3.1.3. Module Experience Training Demonstration Innovation Sharing

3.1.4. CRM 360° view Marketing automation Pipeline management Lead generation Dashboard with KPI's User friendly & transparant Mobile MS Office 365 sync

3.2. Customer Expectations

3.2.1. Express what we stand for Dare to claim the title of 'Expert' Promise : 'If the product or solution we propose doesn't apply to the customer needs...' We pay back with a smile

3.2.2. Remove all friction during his journey with LMC Get in his mind Develop smooth processes Eliminate showstoppers Avoid risks of making mistakes

3.2.3. Save time ... means 'save money' … means 'quick respons' … means 'pro activity' Think & act forward

3.2.4. Apply on the 'Pablo Escobar' model Give first, invest in the relationship Give more, show you want to take care Make him buy (everything we offer) Give privileges (loyalty pays off / ROI)