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Asthma by Mind Map: Asthma
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Ways to help Asthma

Natural cures can help Asthma, cannot cure

Get an accurate diagnosis

Work with a doctor

Avoid all Asthma triggers (such as smoke)

Keep a diary to take note of all odd symptoms

Tell your doctor about problems that could coexist with Asthma (breathing issues, past problems)

Maximize aerobic fitness by exercising

Eat healthy to maximize nutritious vitamins and minerals.

Maintain a healthy weight

Get plenty of sleep

Ways Asthma harms

Severe coughing

Hard to breathe


Tightening chest

Could cause blueish lip color

Drowsiness or confusion

Fast pulse

Severe anxiety


Abnormal breathing

Breathing may stop

Chest pain

How asthma starts

Animal hair/ Dander


Changes in weather

Chemicals in the air or food

Excessive exercise



Common cold


Tobacco smoke