Focus child

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Focus child by Mind Map: Focus child

1. Concerns of teacher

1.1. fear of behavioural problems in the classroom

1.2. Concerns with lack of concentration and short attention span

1.3. Concerns of how they will tailor the curriculum to meet the specific needs of the child

1.4. Concerns with how the teacher will continuously keep the child highly engaged in learning

1.5. Fear of a lack of supporting resources to aid the child with the best possible learning outcome opportunities

1.6. Fears that learning needs of the child will dominate teachers time, attention and energy

1.7. Concerned about paper work and additional administration

1.8. concerns with the lack of time for necessary debriefing and consultations with colleges

1.9. insufficient support for providing an appropriately tailored curriculum

2. Concerns of parents

2.1. Fear of child not being socially accepted by peers

2.2. Concerns of their child feeling rejected

2.3. Concerns with child being classified as 'popular', or 'not popular', by classmates

2.4. Being placed at a social disadvantage because of slow cognitive, language and communication skills

2.5. Fear of a lacking of supporting resources provided by teacher

2.6. Concerns with amount of emotional support child will have in their school environment

3. Special needs

3.1. Down syndrome

3.1.1. Intellectual disability

3.1.2. Causes a low concentration span

3.1.3. decreased muscle tone

3.1.4. Flattened facial profile

3.1.5. Short attention span

3.1.6. Poor judgement

3.1.7. Impulsive behaviour

3.1.8. Slow cognitive development

3.1.9. Delayed language and speech development

4. Positive factors

4.1. Loving stable family

4.1.1. Comfortable at home

4.1.2. Positive environment

4.1.3. Feelings of stability and safety in home environment

4.1.4. Child feels a sense of belonging

4.1.5. Highly supported by family

5. Risk factors

5.1. Lack of social intelligence

5.2. Knowing other peoples boundries

6. Strengths of character

6.1. Empathy

6.1.1. Would be able to really connect on a deep level with struggling individuals

6.2. patience

6.2.1. Positive characteristic trait to have in a primary school setting where children can be impatient and needy

6.3. kindness

6.3.1. characteristic trait will aid in creating long and lasting friendships in main stream schooling

7. characteristic traits of child

7.1. Gregarious

7.1.1. highly fond of company

7.2. Show affection in a physical way

7.2.1. Can have a lack of awareness of other peoples boundaries

7.3. Caring and compassionate

7.3.1. Can develop meaningful friendships and support networks

8. Mainstream schooling benefits

8.1. Provide a richer language environment

8.2. Aid developing and enhancing communication skills

8.3. Reducing stigma attached to students with disability

8.4. Development of communicative competence

8.5. Opportunities to develop a variety of friendships and support networks