Time Management

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Time Management by Mind Map: Time Management

1. Procrastination

1.1. Don't feel like doing it.

1.2. Don't be lazy!

1.3. Overwhelming work requirements.

2. Emergencies

2.1. Children!

2.2. Hospitalization

2.3. Family member death

3. Responsibility

3.1. Develops leadership potential

3.2. Is a necessary adult tool

3.3. Is not always a natural thing, have to work on it.

4. Dependability

4.1. Teamwork makes the dream work

4.2. Team members' GPA depends on me.

4.3. Make sure you meet time deadlines.

5. Integrity

5.1. Admit when you need help.

5.2. Do what is right, no matter who's looking

5.3. Set an example for peers and our children

6. Balance

6.1. Ensure that you have a good work/family/school relationship.

6.2. Don't let other obligations overwhelm each other.