Drum/Lyric Workshop

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Drum/Lyric Workshop by Mind Map: Drum/Lyric Workshop

1. Aim

1.1. To get as many Students down to the workshop as it will benefit them when writing music.

2. Location

2.1. This Workshop will be held in the College Theatre as it's easy to get too and there is a lot of space for the Students.

3. Promotion

3.1. I can promote this by plugging it Social Media as all the students will be on Instagram and Platforms like that so they will see the post about the workshop. We can also Post it around the College and sticking flyers up around Stamford Town. This means that even if people didn't go to it, they will remember seeing or hearing about it. This will also give young people some knowledge about lyric writing or drumming if that's what they want to do in the future.

4. Marketing

4.1. Poster Design

4.1.1. We want to create a poster as people will see it when they walk around the college. This is important as it will be eye catching to the person and influence them to come to the workshop.

5. Objectives

5.1. To create a fully planned Drumming/ Lyric Writing Workshop for the Level 2 Music Performance Students. We want to make this workshop to inspire more young musicians and to improve on their time keeping and their lyrics writing

6. Time

6.1. We would want to do this Clinic within College hours as it will be more efficient for the Students as they will already be in College.

7. Audience

7.1. I will mainly focus on getting young people down to the workshop as the clinic is there to help the younger people get into lyricism and drumming. We will be doing this Clinic for the Level 2 Performance Students as they can benefit from this more.

8. Date

8.1. This will take place straight after the half term so this gives me and the other person some time to plan the Workshop