Summer Festival Gig

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Summer Festival Gig by Mind Map: Summer Festival Gig

1. Promotion

1.1. We can promote this Summer Festival by using our Bands Instagram so people can see that we will be playing at a festival. Social media will also be good to plug it on as that means people can share our post so their friends can see what we are doing aswell meaning we have a bigger fanbase.

2. Marketing

2.1. Looking at other Festivals so we don't collide with another one as we may not grow bigger as a band.

2.2. We can also see other artists that our fans like and try to get them on the Festival Line Up aswell meaning a far bigger and better audience.

3. Aim

3.1. To get as many people down to the Summer Festival as possible so they can see us perform.

3.2. To grow bigger as a band from performing ta the Festival

4. Objectives

4.1. To play at a Summer Festival so we can grow bigger as a band.

5. Date

5.1. The date for the Festival will be some time during the Summer but we are not too sure of the date yet.

6. Time

6.1. This will be in the Summer Holiday as it will be hot and it will get people to come out and potentially come to our gig. This will also give people a positive vibe and enjoy themselves if they are already at the festival.

7. Audience

7.1. We will see who likes our music and what age group it will be so we know if they can get there or not.

7.2. This audience will be around 15-20 year olds so this means we will have a good idea of who will be able to get to the festival.

8. Location

8.1. We have already got in contact with a Festival called Yaxley Festival so we have been booked to play at their festival. The process and planning will take the whole seven weeks as we will need to practice as much as we can and talk about each song/new songs we have and why this will be important to our audience.