Best Microsoft Teams Integrations

This mind map shows the best integrations for Microsoft Teams!

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Best Microsoft Teams Integrations by Mind Map: Best Microsoft Teams Integrations

1. MindMeister

1.1. Brainstorm, plan projects and outline strategies with MindMeister!

2. MeisterTask

2.1. Manage your tasks and projects right inside your Teams channels.

3. Twitter

3.1. Send periodic updates about tweets from the accounts you follow or hashtags you track.

4. ServiceNow

4.1. Find answers, file requests and complete routine ServiceNow tasks within chat!


5.1. Offload and automate everyday tasks such as managing your calendar and finding information

6. Trello

6.1. Manage Trello boards and cards inside Microsoft Teams.

7. Polly

7.1. Create instant polls with live results for your team with Polly!

8. Disco

8.1. Bring your culture online by making your mission and values visible and actionable with Disco.

9. Jira

9.1. Get notifications about Jira events into multiple Microsoft Teams channels.

10. Adobe Creative Cloud

10.1. With the Creative Cloud app for Microsoft Teams, designers can easily share their work, get feedback and stay up-to-date on actions taken on their assets.

11. GitHub

11.1. Manage and collaborate on code projects hosted on a GitHub Enterprise instance.