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Gino's Plan by Mind Map: Gino's Plan

1. My Skills

1.1. Knowledge/Contacts in the Marine (sea) Industry in Malta

1.1.1. cool content leads

1.2. Im Crazy (in a good way)

1.2.1. I will push myself to do anything that could create an opportunity for us.. really i will haha

1.3. Im Passionate! I love the experiences guys!

2. My Goals

2.1. To create something together to showcase the idea of creating photo/video for a company to benefit us and them

2.1.1. Having something quick to impress someone whilst initiating the idea can go a long way.. its not just words and its what we truely create!

2.2. To create a more professional online appearance.. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc

2.2.1. I believe it will help alot

2.3. To help you guys as much as I would like to learn e.g. unlimited haha i love this game!!!!!

2.4. To achieve something great with you guys. To expand and network beyond what I/We think we are capable of

2.4.1. wouldnt that be awesome!

3. Current Improvement

3.1. Buy a GoPro

3.2. Facebook Courses

3.3. Practice Editing

3.4. Create more opportunities

4. Why Am I Doing This

4.1. 1. Ive never been more happy and focused on something that I do in my 'spare time'

4.2. 2. Its new and interesting

4.3. 3. Combining Fun with Personal Development

4.4. 4.Potential Income source

5. What do I Believe

5.1. Passion is key

5.2. Good Morals

5.3. Spreading Positivity

5.4. Were a good team!

5.5. Im in the right place at the right time, its only up from here