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MTSS Concepts by Mind Map: MTSS Concepts

1. Layered Continuum of Supports: Ensuring that every student receives equitable academic and behavioral support that is culturally responsive, matched to need, and developmentally appropriate

2. Evidence-Based Practices: Instructions, Interventions, and assessments that are effective through research indicating improved outcomes for students

3. Family, School, and Community Partnering: Collaborating as active partners in improving learner, classroom, school, district, and state outcomes

4. Team-Driven Shared Leadership: Teaming structures and expectations about responsibility and shared decision-making across school, district, and community members to organize systems of training, resources, and evaluation for adults activities

5. Data-Based Problem-Solving and Decision-Making: Consistent process is used by stakeholder teams and applied at multiple levels to analyze and evaluate relevant information to plan and implement strategies that support sustainable improvement from students