Terrestrial Ecosystem Degradation

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Terrestrial Ecosystem Degradation by Mind Map: Terrestrial Ecosystem Degradation

1. Loss of Biodiversity

2. Increased risk from Natural Hazards

2.1. Increased frequency and severity of flooding, landslides, etc.

2.1.1. Mass wasting (landslides)

2.1.2. Flooding

3. Decline in Volume and Quality of Water

3.1. Low fish Production

4. Higher Energy Cost / Loss of Energy Sources

5. Negative Human, Environment, and Animal Health Impacts

6. Degradation of Land Production

7. Habitat Degradation

8. Loss of Livelihood Opportunities

8.1. Loss of income

8.1.1. Poverty Human insecurity Unsustainable Development

9. Natural Hazards

10. Unregulated Land Conversions/ Land USe Change

10.1. Deforestation

10.1.1. Conversion of Upland Areas Weaknesses in Policy Formulation/Implementation Weak Governance

10.2. Expansion of Agricultural Areas

10.2.1. Unsustainable Natural Resource Management

10.3. Deforestation

10.4. Unregulated Urbanization

10.4.1. Migration

10.4.2. Population Growth

10.4.3. Economic Development

11. Erosive Land Uses

12. Loss of Tourism Potential

13. Climate Change