What is Your Primary Need

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What is Your Primary Need by Mind Map: What is Your Primary Need

1. General File Sharing and Storage

1.1. What is Your Office Size?

1.1.1. Small/Medium Entry-Level NAS Device

1.1.2. Large Are a lot of files being shared across multiple users? Yes No

2. Application Data Support

2.1. Are these basic apps, or advanced apps that require advanced data management?

2.1.1. Basic Entry Level NAS with Advanced Managment

2.1.2. Advanced Do you have a large environment that would require a multi-protocol storage environment? Yes No

3. Backing Up Data

3.1. What is your biggest consideration?

3.1.1. Speed

3.1.2. Price/Capacity

3.1.3. Licensing Model Per Client/Agent/Feature Limetless

3.1.4. Retention