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1. Environmental

1.1. Plastic packaging

1.1.1. Government are acting upon plastic waste

1.1.2. Single-use plastic legalislations

1.2. Glitter

1.2.1. Packaging

1.2.2. Novelty keyring

1.2.3. Cosmetic use

1.3. Use of hazardous chemicals (Palm oil)

1.4. Polluting the environment

1.5. Wipes

1.5.1. Government are trying to create plastic free and flushable wipes

1.6. Could lead to a bad reputation

1.6.1. Loss in customers Unable to meet targets Could cause the business to shut down

2. Don't offer international services

2.1. Limiting their customer base

2.2. Potentially affect growth and expansion

3. Online only

3.1. People can't test products

3.1.1. Limiting customer base

3.2. System may crash

3.3. Potential data breaches

4. Ethics

4.1. Agency staff

4.1.1. Zero hour contract Demotivated

4.2. Unfair wages

4.3. Animal testing

4.4. Bonus scheme

4.5. No sign of theft security for the online data

5. False corporate identity

5.1. Not as eco-friendly as they portray themselves to be

5.2. Contradicting mission statement

5.3. Keen to build a eco-friendly reputation

6. Little brand awareness

7. Call centre expansion

8. Budgets

8.1. Unable to provide correct training

8.1.1. Majority of staff are U25 as they are cheaper to pay

8.2. Might struggle to offer discounts/offers to loyal customers

8.3. Could be unable to afford expansion

8.4. Unable to invest in advertising to promote the brand

8.5. Tight for training and development

9. Economic

9.1. Brexit

9.1.1. Import/export costs

9.1.2. Uncertainty may mean people are spending less on luxury products and focussing towards budget focussed brands

9.1.3. Product importation Laws

10. Customer loyalty

10.1. 80% of profits are made from memberships

10.2. 80% of customers cancel after minimum period

10.3. 10% of customers have been buying for 2+ years

10.4. A further 10% of customers have had a membership for 5+ years

11. Health and Safety

11.1. Accidents in the warehouse

11.2. Lack of space in the warehouse

12. Charity work

12.1. Dont actually know what they're doing, maybe doing it just to 'look good'

13. Lack of communication channels

13.1. Bad management

13.2. Potential injury's or damaged machinery/equipment

13.3. Staff may leave

13.4. Poor reputation

14. Limited scope for expansion at current site

15. Local traffic

15.1. Annoyance

15.1.1. Bad reputation

16. General business expansion

17. Staff treatment

17.1. Ignored complaints

17.2. Lack o car parking spaces

18. Bulk buying stock

19. Wholesaler(s) and manufacturer location

20. Don't own any of their own machinery / equipment so have to rely on renting

21. Use a courier service to deliver products