A Culture of Health

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A Culture of Health by Mind Map: A Culture of Health

1. Healthcare system

1.1. Safer prescribing practices

1.1.1. Only prescribe medication when needed, and monitor the patient’s progress.

1.2. Open line of communication

1.2.1. Communicate with the patient and listen to their wants and needs.

2. Government

2.1. Expand Access to Medication

2.1.1. Create universal healthcare or make it easier to get health insurance.

2.2. De-criminalize drug addiction

2.2.1. Focus on sending addicted peoples to treatment instead of prison.

3. Pharmaceutical Industry

3.1. Lower the cost of medications

3.1.1. Produce generic forms, or have limits on how much medication can cost.

3.2. End misleading commercials

3.2.1. Either end prescription drug commercials, or ensure they provide accurate information.

4. Medication Practices

4.1. Proper use of prescription medications

4.1.1. Follow doctors’ instructions, do not share prescriptions, and store properly.

4.2. Correct use of OTC medications.

4.2.1. Only take when needed and follow directions on the package.

5. Social Norms

5.1. End “quick fix” mentality

5.2. De-stigmatize mental health

5.2.1. Open up the conversation and be supportive of others.

5.3. De-stigmatize addiction

5.3.1. Encourage addicted people to seek treatment.