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1. How to start changing an unhealthy work environment | Glenn D. Rolfsen | TEDxOslo

2. Social Media and Ethics

3. Tools

3.1. NBA DilemmApp

3.1.1. Making an Ethical Decision

3.2. ‎KPMG DilemmApp

3.2.1. Moral Machine

3.3. Correct or Corrupt

3.3.1. NOvA DilemmApp

3.4. Cartoons Integriteit

4. Ethische Dilemma's

4.1. Mogelijke Testen

4.2. dddddd

4.3. Workplace Ethical Tests

4.3.1. Leeroverleg integriteit: 7-stappenplan

4.4. Avoiding Ethical Pitfalls in Government Service

4.4.1. Ethical Decision Making

4.5. Moreel Beraad

5. Nieuwe Uitdagingen

5.1. Ethiek in de digitale wereld - Podcast

5.2. From nudging to judging, Robots and the ethics of things. | Jochanan EYNIKEL | TEDxBrussels

5.3. Kate Crawford: Big Data Gets Personal

6. Objectiviteit

6.1. Draaideur

6.1.1. Podcast Luisteren (PodNL): #4: Over de draaideur tussen de publieke en private sector

6.2. Belangenconflicten

6.2.1. • Met de poten in de klei - Radio Doc How to Avoid Conflicts of Interest

6.3. Corruptie & Omkoping

6.3.1. Anti Bribery and Corruption Training Bribery and Corruption Indicators

7. Stimuleer Integriteit

7.1. Fighting corruption by 'naming and faming' with Integrity Idol | Blair Glencorse | TEDxMidAtlantic

7.2. Small nudges can create ethical behavior | Sreedhari Desai, UNC at Chapel Hill

7.2.1. Oplossingsstorm

8. Ethical Leadership

8.1. Strategies for Managing Ethics - Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

8.1.1. Audit New Zealand: Supporting improvement in the public service – Stephen Walker Inaugural lecture - Professor Karin Lasthuizen

8.2. Government Ethics: Establishing Public Trust -The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

8.2.1. L'Oreal boss on ethical business | Emmanuel Lulin

8.3. Ethical leadership in the workplace – a discussion – Professor Karin Lasthuizen

8.3.1. Lawful but awful: Corporate responsibility must go beyond legality | Emmanuel Lulin, L'Oreal

9. Loyaliteit & Samenwerking

9.1. Why being respectful to your coworkers is good for business | Christine Porath

9.2. Office Romances

10. MOOC

10.1. Ethical Leadership in a Changing World