LINKING CLAUSES (Clausulas subordinadas)

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LINKING CLAUSES (Clausulas subordinadas) by Mind Map: LINKING CLAUSES (Clausulas subordinadas)

1. ¿Qué Son?

2. ¿Cómo se forman?

3. Conjugaciones y adverbios

3.1. Reason (Razón)

3.1.1. Because Va seguido de una oración We moved to another city because my father got a new job.

3.1.2. Because Of Va seguido de un nombre We moved to another city because of my father’s new job.

3.1.3. As/ Since Va al principio de la frase As it is your birthday, I’ll lend you my best clothes.

3.2. Purpose (Propósito)

3.2.1. To + Infinitivo I went to the university to talk to one of my teachers.

3.2.2. In order to I went to the university in order to talk to one of my so as to teachers. (more formal)

3.2.3. So that + can(n’t) /will (won’t) Para referirnos al presente o futuro Get a map with you so that you won’t get lost.

3.2.4. + would(n’t) / could(n’t) Para referirnos al pasado We got a map with us so that we wouldn’t get lost

3.2.5. For + noun / -ing form In case Present (para referirnos al presente) Past (para referirnos al pasado)

3.3. Result (Resultado)

3.3.1. So I failed my English test and therefore I took it

3.3.2. As a result / therefore I failed my English test. Therefore, I took it again in September.

3.3.3. so / such....that SO + ADJECTIVE / ADVERB + THAT The ticket for the concert was so expensive (that) we couldn’t buy it. SUCH + (ADJECTIVE) + NOUN THAT It is such a big city (that) I always get lost.

3.4. Time (Tiempo)

3.4.1. When / as I’ll phone you when I know the answer

3.4.2. While While I was watching TV, the telephone rang.

3.4.3. As soon as I’ll phone you as soon as I know the answer

3.4.4. Before / after She went to the gym after she had done her homework.

3.4.5. Until We were waiting until she arrived

3.5. De contraste

3.5.1. Although / even though / though Va seguido de una oración Although he didn’t have money, he bought the most expensive car.

3.5.2. In spite of / Despite van seguidos de nombre o un verbo sustantivado (en – ing). In spite of not having money, he bought the most expensive car.

3.5.3. While y whereas He is lively and easygoing whereas his sister is rather shy

3.5.4. However, nevertheless, yet She didn’t want to have more children. However, she might change her mind..

4. conectores utilizados

5. Para entrelazar ideas

6. Conjugación subordinada

7. Clausula principal

8. Clausula dependiente