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Discipiling by Mind Map: Discipiling

1. being an example

1.1. holy

1.2. righteous

1.3. blameless

2. giving accountability

2.1. for keeping pure

2.2. for consistent bible reading

2.3. for being doers of the Word and not just hearers

3. encouraging

3.1. to keep fighting the fight against temptation

3.2. to keep running the race with endurance

3.3. to grow spiritually

4. meeting together

4.1. to encourage

4.2. to teach

4.3. to fellowship

4.4. to pray

5. comforting

5.1. when they're feeling weary of doing good

5.2. when they're sad

5.3. when they're struggling

6. teaching

6.1. to study their bibles

6.2. to use their gifts for God

6.3. to acknowledge God in all things

6.4. to disciple others

7. urging worthy lives

7.1. holy (set apart from the world)

7.2. imitating God

7.3. worthy of their special calling