Health Culture

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Health Culture by Mind Map: Health Culture

1. Health centers

1.1. Accessibility

1.1.1. Be more welcoming to individuals with mental illness, equal treatment

1.2. Educational resources

1.2.1. Remove social stigmas, raise awareness about mental illness severity

2. Government

2.1. No more DTCPA

2.1.1. Vast majority of countries in the world ban them. They misrepresent drug efficacy

2.2. More contraceptives available in pharmacies

2.2.1. Birth control knowledge is very important

2.2.2. Learn to be responsible for sexual activities

3. Individual

3.1. Ask questions

3.1.1. When in doubt, always consult doctors/physicians

3.2. Self-care

3.2.1. Learn to take care of oneself, eats healthy, take breaks, get enough sleep, prevention is better than cure approach

4. Community

4.1. Stewardship

4.1.1. Actively engaged in creating a right image on medication and practices, help out others

4.2. Safe medication practices

4.2.1. Learn the differences between self-medication, how it is harmful and discuss to find out the best ways to get symptoms treated