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1. What could the candidate agree on to test commitment and control?

1.1. Motivation letter

1.2. Email confirmation

1.3. Update/new cv

1.4. References

1.5. Interview slots

1.6. Mapping check/travel details

1.7. Take cv off from job boards

1.8. Exclusivity

1.9. Refuse offer

1.10. Mention counteroffer

1.11. Keep in the loop if other opportunities

2. How do you do that?

2.1. By asking closed questions with built in flexibility and then confirming agreed action.

3. What might stop you pitching exclusivity to a candidate?

3.1. Fear

3.2. Bad perception

3.3. We don’t have any jobs for them

3.4. Working with other agencies

3.5. Bad experience

4. How to sell exclusivity to the candidate?

4.1. Explain what exclusivity is

4.2. Let them know the benefits of working in exclusivity Tell success stories Detail your service

4.3. Close for exclusivity and get written agreement