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1. Why do you need to agree what is going to happen next?

1.1. Maintain control

1.2. Both parties know what’s expected

1.3. Avoid risks

1.4. Deliver on promises

1.5. Manage expectations

1.6. Further test their motivations

1.7. Positive minded

1.8. Check commitment

1.9. Again, demonstrate value of your service

2. Signs of losing control

2.1. Candidate not returning your calls

2.2. Constant objections

2.3. No flexibility

2.4. It’s never a good time to talk

2.5. Does not return paperwork before start date

2.6. Doesn’t update cv and send back to you by agreed time

2.7. Reluctant to come and meet you

2.8. Candidate doesn’t show up for an interview

2.9. Can’t close the candidate on a decision

2.10. Candidate refusing to give you leads/references/referrals

2.11. Considers a counteroffer you’re unaware of

2.12. Can’t close the candidate on a decision

2.13. Excuses for lack of show/availability

2.14. Starts to question your motives & reasons for doing things

2.15. Starts questioning originally agreed terms, rate/salary, availability, notice period, …