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1. What is control in sales?

1.1. The relationship one has with the candidates is just as important as the job order itself. There is a direct correlation between the strength of the relationship with a candidate and fill ratios. The better the relationship, the higher the fill ratio.

2. Why is candidate control so important?

2.1. The more you’re controlling, the less risks you’re taking

2.2. More likely to make deals

2.3. You’ll get all the information you need

2.4. Credibility for your clients

2.5. More commitment

2.6. Better interview/placement ratio

2.7. Better sell in’s

2.8. Professionalism

2.9. Honesty

3. What can control prevent us from?

3.1. Backdoor – bad experience from both sides

3.2. Commitment to other agencies

3.3. Window-shopping

3.4. Counteroffer

3.5. Try to get a visa

3.6. Agency testing

3.7. They don’t know/understand what we’re doing for them