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Me by Mind Map: Me

1. Emilia Salonen my Coach: I can put my coach as a reliable reference and be certain that they will put in a positive word about my resiliency and ability to work in a team.

2. Mamma and Pappa my Grandparents: They can give you tips and advice for the future.

3. Anni my Friend: Recommend you to places they are currently working at and putting in a good word for you.

4. Hanna my Aunt: She can recommend me for someone who is looking to employ individuals.

5. Riikka and Pasi my parents: They can help me find a job and help me with my resume. Support and help getting ready for an interview.

6. Matilda my Co-worker: Can make a recommend letter and give some advice or tips for interview.

7. Mr. Rogers my teacher: Can write you recommendation letter; educate you for your future.

8. Mrs. Dobbin my school counselor: Can help me choose the right courses for future, career and for work.

9. My friend Annarella's parent Hanna (Friends-parent): Recommend people who are hiring.

10. Mrs. and Mr. Rantala my Family friends: Can hire you for their own company, recommend you and give tips.

11. Doctor: They can tell you about their job, what you need from courses at school and get you to job shadow.

12. Guest speaker from school: Can tell you about different jobs what are good for your future careers and give you more information about them, and tell you about their experience.