Carbon Intake and Waste Treatment System

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Carbon Intake and Waste Treatment System by Mind Map: Carbon Intake and Waste Treatment System

1. Carbon Filtering

1.1. Volatile Organic Compound Filtering

1.1.1. Allows for the safe burning of waste materials as well as lowering the carbon footprint

1.2. Catalytics fabric filters are common in industrial complexes as a way of purifying air pollution.

2. Collecting the Emissions

2.1. After the combustion phase is over...

2.1.1. Collecting of all gases and particles within a secure gas tank

2.1.2. These tanks can then be sent to industries or organizations which specialize in the maintenance of gases

2.2. Ensures the safety and security of both the people and environment in areas

2.3. Allows for environmental organizations to handle carbon emissions which in turn can be used for other purposes

3. Business

3.1. After collecting the gas we would sell it to a company

3.1.1. This company would refine the gasses and use it as a source of energy

3.2. We would use the left over ashes as a product to use in soil

3.2.1. This would only be done after sifting is done to get rid of debris and other harmful elements