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Choice one by Mind Map: Choice one

1. Do you think colleges or future employers have the right to look at your Facebook or Twitter? Why or Why not?

1.1. Yes because if they go on Facebook and see that they party and pictures can tell if your reliable. If a person looks like they party and are un mature I don’t think they would be the best fit.

2. Do you think you should judge someone based solely on what you find about them online? Why or why not?

2.1. No because I don’t think photo describes a person and their personality. Also some people only post the good things in like so people start to think their life is perfect but that’s not true at all.

3. Have you ever posted anything online that you later regretted? Explain. If so, did you later take it down?

3.1. No because I rarely post anything on social media because I only have Facebook. When ever I do post something it’s a picture of my family, so I have never ran into that problem.

4. Do you believe it is dangerous to lie about your age online? Why or why not?

4.1. Yes, because if someone says their 18 but they are truly underage then over aged people will start talking to them and that’s not safe. But only if the person is like 90 years old and they want to say they are 30 that’s fine with me because not like they are underage or anything.