Lesson Planning

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Lesson Planning by Mind Map: Lesson Planning

1. maps

1.1. Notes

1.1.1. Lesson or Series Title Finding Coordinates Continents Major Land Forms Major bodies of Water

1.1.2. Goals of Each Lesson I hope by the end of these lessons the students will have an idea how to search and pin point locations, land formations, bodies of water and so on.

1.1.3. Objectives MB Curriculum GLO's ICT Continuum Blooms Taxonomy

1.1.4. Content

1.1.5. Method of Instruction Grade 7 Social Studies Activate

1.1.6. Method of Evaluation tests quizzes

1.2. Prerequisites

1.2.1. Review I will do a review after each lesson

1.2.2. Goals By the end of this lesson, I hope the students can look for anything using maps, pin pointing locations, oceans , continents, land forms and so on.

1.2.3. Set Context The Hook

1.3. objectives

1.3.1. MB curriculum ICT continuum Blooms Taxonomy

1.4. Resources

1.4.1. Materials Khan Academy Blackboard

1.4.2. People Permission from parents permission from principle

1.4.3. Facilities Buildings Computer Lab

2. Collaboration

2.1. Prerequisites

2.1.1. Review

2.1.2. Goals

2.1.3. Set context The Hook

2.2. Resources

2.2.1. Materials Work sheets computers

2.2.2. People Students permission from parents

2.2.3. Facilities Buillding Lab's

2.3. Notes

2.3.1. Lesson or Series Title Patterns and Relations using mindmeister to teach lesson

2.3.2. Goals of Each Lesson The goal of each lesson is understanding the content, which is the math, having the skills and ability to problem solve and to use the knowledge outside of the school.

2.3.3. Objectives MB Curriculum ICT Continum Blooms Taxonomy

2.3.4. Content

2.3.5. Method of Instruction Grade 5 Math Activate

2.3.6. Method of Evaluation tests quizzes

2.4. Objectives

2.4.1. MB Curriculum GLOs SLO's

2.4.2. ICT Continum

2.4.3. Blooms Taxonomy

3. Video lesson

3.1. Prerequisites

3.1.1. Review

3.1.2. Goals The students will apply their understanding of Fluids through, designing, construction and testing of Fluids through a number of experiments.

3.1.3. Set context The Hook

3.2. Resources

3.2.1. Materials Y tube tutorials Science products

3.2.2. People permission slips from parents permission from school

3.2.3. Facilities Computer lab IT guys

3.3. Notes

3.3.1. Lesson or Series Title Fluids

3.3.2. Goals of Each Lesson The goal of each of these lessons is that the students will have an understanding of Fluids, Flow, Viscosity, and Density. Though hands on experiments. The students will exhibit understanding by showcasing a video on one of the experiments.

3.3.3. Objectives MB Curriculumm GLO's ICT Continuum Blooms Taxonomy

3.3.4. Content The Information

3.3.5. Method of Instruction Grade 8 Science Activate

3.3.6. Method of Evaluation Tests Quizzes

3.4. Objectives

3.4.1. MB Curriculum GLOs SLO's

3.4.2. ICT Cintinum

3.4.3. Blooms Taxonomy

4. Pod cast

4.1. Prerequisites

4.1.1. Review

4.1.2. Goals I want the students to have the capabilities to tell a story using different technology such as podcast and Vocaroo.

4.1.3. Set context The Hook Ask the students if they ever heard a recording of themselves?

4.2. Resources

4.2.1. Materials Vocaroo Khan Academy

4.2.2. People permission slips from parents permission from school

4.2.3. Facilities Building Computer lab & Computers

4.3. Notes

4.3.1. Lesson or Series Title Telling a short story Using Podcast Using Vocaroo

4.3.2. Goals of Each Lesson I want the students to be able to tell a short story using Podcasting and Vocaroo and save it onto a folder.

4.3.3. Objectives The students after our lesson(s) should be able to do this at home and teach someone else.

4.3.4. Content

4.3.5. Method of Instruction Grade 6 ELA Activate

4.3.6. Method of Evaluation tests quizzes

4.4. objectives

4.4.1. MB Curriculum GLO's SLO's

4.4.2. ICT Continum

4.4.3. Blooms Taxonomy