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Oppression by Mind Map: Oppression

1. sexuality

1.1. dominant group: cis-gendered people

1.2. oppressed group: anyone who is not cis-gendered

2. people with disabilities

2.1. dominant group: those who are able bodied

2.2. inspiration porn: the usage of people with disabilities to motivate an able bodied person and use them as some sort of affirmation for our own privileges.

2.3. idea of normal is socially constructed

3. gender

3.1. dominant group: men

3.1.1. oppressed group: women

3.2. gender roles: women should not be career oriented caretakers sensitive too in tune with their feelings fragile and must follow a certain type of beauty standard men: masculine strong and powerful must not show feelings

3.2.1. sex does not equal gender "binary"

4. Race

4.1. dominant group: White/Caucasians

4.2. oppressed group: people of color

4.3. reverse racism does not exist due to the power dynamics that have been placed in society against people of color

4.4. race does equal ethnicity

4.5. "socially constructed system of classifying humans based on a particular phenotypical characteristic"

5. Micro-agressions: Insults that seem like a back-handed comment and are hard to point out. It is used by the dominant group in a situation against the marginalized group.

6. Intersectionality

7. Prejudice

7.1. stereotypes

8. Discrimination

9. Internalized Oppression

9.1. when an oppressed individual takes on the role of the oppressor against themselves and their community

10. Inclusion

10.1. choosing to not other people based on differences but rather accepting them as they are

10.2. counter argument to oppression and the lack of acceptance in society

10.3. has many stages but can be achieved

11. institutional power: - government - school/colleges - churches - authorities