A Global Sense of Place - by Doreen Massey

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A Global Sense of Place - by Doreen Massey by Mind Map: A Global Sense of Place - by Doreen Massey

1. Power geometry

1.1. power in relation to flow and movement

1.1.1. different social groups/individuals have different mobility eg. woman's mobility compared to men restricted, limited agency physical violence to be ogled at eg. refugees from El Salvador eg. undocumented migrant workers in Mexico

1.2. time-space compression

1.2.1. CHANGE definition of space affects culture and identity in response to change eg. geographical fragmentation

1.2.2. DEFINITION faster and increased movement across space eg. geographical spacing out of social relations

1.2.3. CRITIC western ethnocentric view of movement eg. isolation of island communities due to decline in sea shipping

2. Arguments

2.1. movement is controlled by those in power

2.1.1. eg. distribution of film, controlling news, organisation of investments, transactions etc.

2.1.2. institutionalised power

2.2. movement is not equal

2.2.1. different factors result in inequality identity eg. race, class etc. capital agency

2.3. movement marks people

2.3.1. capital and agency is based on the power geometry

2.4. movement does not equal to power

2.4.1. inferior individuals/groups also move