Den Mama Training 2019


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Den Mama Training 2019 by Mind Map: Den Mama Training 2019

1. Phase 1: Dedicated Training Group

1.1. Pre training: Monday April 8

1.1.1. No content units

1.1.2. Training group conversations: Welcome post Training expectations post getting to know each other imposter/outsider syndromes:

1.2. Week 1: Thursday 4/11

1.2.1. Content units Thursday April 11: History/Who/Where MCC History Monday April 15: Stream Scan basics What to look out for How to bring issues into the Field for discussion

1.2.2. Training group conversations: Video chat scheduling poll Do you know how to take a screenshot? copy text? import a permalink?

1.3. Week 2 Thursday 4/18

1.3.1. Content Units Thursday April 18: Stream Scan Actions Scan actions: What to delete, when to pause comments, when to ask for edits, when to move posts. Monday April 22: the Daily Check-in poll

1.3.2. Training group conversations: Love for lonely posts Getting to know each other: Two truths and a lie Practice Check-in poll

2. Phase 2: joining the Field and the Den

2.1. Week 3 April 25: Welcome to the Field

2.1.1. Field observation Schedule your practice scans

2.1.2. Den Mama Code of Conduct

2.2. Week 4, May 2: Welcome to the Den

2.2.1. Content unit: Avoiding over moderation and tone-policeing Using the actual schedule parts of the schedule using the schedule on a smart phone Special moderation considerations in the Ithaca Chapter

2.2.2. Den discussion thread: Welcome to the den Introductions and blanket fort Burnout prevention

2.3. Week 5: Now you are a Den Mama!

2.3.1. Get admin privileges and start moderating

2.3.2. Resilience and boundaries

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3.1. Training assets

3.1.1. content units MCC spaces, roles, and history Stream scan basics: what to look for importing content for discussion: screenshots, permalinks, copy paste Stream scan actions What/when to delete, repost, move, stop comments, and share a reminder.

3.1.2. Discussion threads PreTraining welcome post expect

3.1.3. Support and resilience