TEDxAmsterdam2011 Es'ra al Shafei

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TEDxAmsterdam2011 Es'ra al Shafei by Mind Map: TEDxAmsterdam2011 Es'ra al Shafei

1. Creating new visions of the Middle East

1.1. Founder of MideastYouth.com

1.2. More information

1.3. http://www.echoinggreen.org/fellows/esraa-al-shafei

1.4. http://globalvoicesonline.org/2007/04/12/arabeyes-esraa-al-shafei-your-one-stop-cyber-activist/

1.5. http://www.freekareem.org/

1.6. http://www.bahairights.org/

1.7. http://www.mideastyouth.com/

2. intro

2.1. video

2.1.1. voices of oppression

2.1.2. advocating social presence

2.2. injustices

2.2.1. how can i make the world a better place

2.2.2. provide most value to fellow citizes

2.2.3. started using the web have impact change world freedom of speech real world was censored the web is free activist are using web

3. projects

3.1. Crowd Voice

3.1.1. http://crowdvoice.org/ video on youtube "tracking voices of protest"

3.1.2. why everyone should be a witness of unjustice people: need to have access to info they rely on the internet media/ journalists don't normally have access to this kind of info they rely on the web and thus crowdvoice

3.1.3. how crowdsourcing information e.g.

3.1.4. features maps spots timeline see how the movement played out create your own picture use widgets to display information on your own site

3.1.5. yemenportal.net big new site uses CrowdVoice

3.1.6. see demonstration video

3.2. http://mideastunes.com/

3.2.1. use music to express your identity social change platform to express social change aspiriations bypass censorship

3.2.2. different kind of bands

3.2.3. download via iPhone discover content deserve attention

3.3. ahwaa.org

3.3.1. http://www.ahwaa.org/

3.3.2. share experience stories advice

3.3.3. why so people don't feel left alone

3.3.4. creating a community coin system unlocks more features based on avatars no personal photos

3.3.5. safe from perdujice abuse

3.3.6. traditional media uses these kind of websites increasing awareness for these causes

4. awareness/why?

4.1. we believe in

4.1.1. technology

4.1.2. innovations

4.1.3. not going out on the street

4.2. we use design

4.2.1. so people are more tempted to write about your cause

4.2.2. increase awareness by images

4.3. video

4.3.1. power of annimation

4.3.2. she is hopefull