TEDxAmsterdam2011 Irene Rompa

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TEDxAmsterdam2011 Irene Rompa by Mind Map: TEDxAmsterdam2011 Irene Rompa

1. Food for thought

1.1. TEDxAmsterdam

1.2. @irenerompa

2. intro

2.1. sustainability

2.1.1. organise an event

2.1.2. talk about carbob footprint

2.2. TEDxams2010 goodiebag

2.2.1. took 6 months collecting 16.000 presents how about sustainability

2.3. basket to carry groceries for cyclists

3. water

3.1. did you know

3.1.1. water in a bottle costs 500x more than in a glass

3.1.2. Consumentenbond tested natural water is healthier than bottled

3.1.3. Jointhepipe.org foundation promote the use of tap water stop waste money on plastic buy one bottle money is used to reaise water projects

4. food

4.1. the right caterer

4.2. sustainable food

4.3. heallthy

4.4. sustainability

4.5. tasty

5. New node