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TEDxAmsterdam2011 Hassina Sherjan by Mind Map: TEDxAmsterdam2011
Hassina Sherjan
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TEDxAmsterdam2011 Hassina Sherjan



employment, urgency to work harder

education, people can write their name


international phenomenon

general Van Uhm: commitment to bring peace

journey to peace



Aid Afghanistan

amount of work is enormous

started educational programs


started 5 clandestins programms

2001 resturned back home

2003 live in afghanistan

dont wear burqua

provide education


new program, New node

societies are like people

treat them with respect

then get support in return

2000 female students

expand this program

for females

also for male


2009 meet up with CBI in NL

design and product develoment

produce a bird


crafting peace collection

boumi is



only weapon to figth terrorism

design process, encoraging environment, real collaboration outisde war, worker felt included, New node


new collection is being crafted

commitment due to afghan people

satisfaction due to ownership

My father's last words

Aid for Afghanistan and Boumi Company

More information


my fathers last word

born and raised n afghanistan

graduated in 1977

migrated to USA

father in hospital due to liver transplant

lived her life as expected

after 19 years in USA wanted to go back to Afghanistan

she visited pakistan

afghanistan was still at War in 1995

witnessed, a woman asked: which one of my twin babies strong enough to keep, because i can't support 2, see 50 year old woman reading for first time