TEDxAmsterdam2011 Dr. ir. David Lentink

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TEDxAmsterdam2011 Dr. ir. David Lentink by Mind Map: TEDxAmsterdam2011 Dr. ir. David Lentink

1. Nature inspired flight - beyond the leap

1.1. More information

1.2. DelFly

1.3. RoboSwift

1.4. Vliegkunstenaars

1.5. http://www.ezo.wur.nl/UK/Staff/Lentink/

2. dream of flight

2.1. Ikarus & Daedalus

2.1.1. we focus on Ikarus

2.1.2. but we should focus on daedalus understood principle of fight also limitations

2.2. compete with animals

2.2.1. outrun a horse

2.2.2. michael phelps 8 medals

2.3. learn from birds

2.3.1. 2001 research nasa future of flight materials can change shape aluminum is dificult to transform

2.4. swifts

2.4.1. mate in air the wet dream of every pilot

2.4.2. shape shift

2.4.3. why are they efficient

2.4.4. drag force

2.4.5. lift force

2.4.6. morphing robotswift to adapt to air

3. RoboSwift

3.1. http://www.roboswift.nl/?page=&lang=en

3.2. took off

3.2.1. in windforce 5

3.3. nature is the best acrobat

3.4. see the testflight movie at Youtube

4. flies

4.1. wing motion is very specific

4.2. build robots on the scale of a fruit flies

4.3. repeated at scale

4.3.1. house fly

4.3.2. hummingbird

4.3.3. insect aerodynamics

4.4. resulted in

4.4.1. Delfly

4.4.2. http://www.delfly.nl/

4.5. high speed video needed to film the rapid movement of the roboflies

4.5.1. posted the question on the web

4.5.2. got a lot of reaction

4.5.3. http://www.flightartists.com/

4.5.4. professionals told: it was not possible

4.5.5. how to select the right frame right so it looks great in slo-motion

4.5.6. correlation between wingspan and amount of frame rates needed

5. wrap

5.1. grasp the principle then the myth falls and ideas will take off