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Google by Mind Map: Google

1. Everything Goes Social

1.1. By 2018, worldwide social media usership is expected to grow to 2.5 billion

1.2. 50% of consumers appeal to businesses after seeing positive comments within social media networks

1.3. 70% of US population has at least one social media profile

2. Increasing User Sensitivity

2.1. Sustainability

2.2. Ethical practices

2.3. Non-discriminatory

2.4. Privacy

3. Increasing Switch to Mobile

3.1. In 2007, mobile overtook desktop in programmatic video and spend. This gap is expected to widen.

4. Economic Shift to Asian Markets

4.1. Asian markets are most dynamic economy and are expected to keep growing

4.2. 9 of top 20 largest tech companies are Chinese (rest American)

4.3. Google's presence in China is essentially non-existent

5. Advertisement = COW

5.1. Google Search/Ads will continue to be the main source of income for all businesses