ANFT Colorful Forest Therapy Conexions

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ANFT Colorful Forest Therapy Conexions by Mind Map: ANFT Colorful Forest Therapy Conexions

1. Association of Nature and Forest Therapy

2. Corazon Latino

3. Park Rx America

4. TKF Foundation - Nature Sacred - Open Spaces, Sacred Places

5. Rx for Forest Therapy at Nature Sacred

6. Americas for Conservation + Arts

7. Potential Trainings

8. El Yunque National Forest - Puerto Rico

9. Colombia

10. ANFT Latino

11. Dr. Kathy Wolf - Research Health and Nature Connections - Green Cities: Good Health

12. ANFT Health

13. USDA Forest Service - convener

14. ANFT Certified Trail Opportunities

15. Dr. Paul Gobster/Dr. Linda Kruger - Research

16. El Yunque National Forest

17. ANFT Research

18. Wyndham Resorts-Puerto Rico

19. Unity Health Care rooftop Nature Explore/therapeutic landscape site