TEDxAmsterdam2011 Overview

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TEDxAmsterdam2011 Overview by Mind Map: TEDxAmsterdam2011 Overview

1. Where?

1.1. This page

1.2. Stadsschouwburg

1.2.1. Amsterdam

2. What?

2.1. currently

2.1.1. we're done livemindmapping

2.1.2. have a look at the talks below

2.2. An 'idea donation center'

2.2.1. at the simulcast location in Rotterdam at Deloitte

3. When?

3.1. Friday November 25th

3.1.1. 9.00 - 20.00 (CET)

3.2. check out what's happening at #TEDxAms on Twitter

4. Legend

4.1. Use the + and - icons to expand/collapse nodes

4.2. Hover over the square with lines to read attached notes

4.3. The forward pointing arrow indicates a link associated with the node

5. Who?

5.1. Have a look at the speakers map