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1. Location

1.1. Gloucester Rd - popular place for students

1.1.1. meaning can stumble accross pub crawls, walking to friends

1.2. many students live close by - convenience

2. Aesthetic

2.1. attractive outside image

3. Atmosphere

3.1. value atmosphere of pub, wanting to socialise with friends and relax

3.2. Flyers type of atmosphere a calm atmosphere, enabling students to relax, especially in comparison to other pubs on Gloucester Road

3.3. prefer less packed environment where there are no rowdy customers

3.4. calmer environment enabled easy socialising where it wasn’t too loud so customers could hear each other speak

4. Pricing

4.1. pub is cheaper than a night out

4.2. highly competitive, students will go for the cheapest option

4.3. pub meal needs to be between £8-10

5. Menu

5.1. good portion size in comparison to price

5.2. need variety of food options

5.3. need good choice of drinks

5.4. high quality food

6. Service quality

6.1. environment affects the service which is seen as good due to being calm and less busy

6.2. need for friendly and accommodating staff, where staff are known on a more personal level