Coordination System

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Coordination System by Mind Map: Coordination System

1. Nervous System

1.1. Central Nervous System

1.1.1. Brain Cerebrum Frontal Lobe Occipital Lobe Temporal Lobe Pariental Lobe Midbrain Forebrain Thalamus Hypothalamus Cerebellum

1.1.2. Spinal Cord Cervical nerve Thoracic nerve Lumbalis nerve Sacral nerve

1.2. Peripheral Nervous System

1.2.1. Impuls direction Sensory neurone Motor neurone

1.2.2. How it works Conscious nervous system Unconscious nervous system Sympathic Parasympathic

2. Hormone System

2.1. Produced by Endocrine gland

2.1.1. Pituitary gland

2.1.2. Adrenal gland

2.1.3. Thyroid gland

2.1.4. Parathyrid gland

2.1.5. Langerhans

3. Sensory System

3.1. Sense of sight

3.2. Sense of listener

3.3. Sense of smell

3.4. Sense of touch

3.5. Sense of taste