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Ideas by Mind Map: Ideas

1. Fashion in Youth/Street Culture

1.1. Streetwear

1.1.1. Skate brands such as Supreme, Palace, Thrasher Low stock + High demand

1.1.2. Facebook groups such as Basement Approved and Supreme Talk

1.1.3. Resale market on apps such as Grailed and Depop Teaching young people about business

1.2. Instagram

1.2.1. Social media as a platform to showcase outfits and style Could lead to mental health/confidence issues

1.3. Questions

1.3.1. Do big brands make people feel more unique whilst subconsciously making everyone more similar?

1.3.2. Are expensive labels worth the prices? Retail or Resale?

1.3.3. Why do these brands have such a high resale value?

2. Links Between Fashion and Graffiti

2.1. Interviews with graffiti writers

2.1.1. Why do they write graffiti?

2.1.2. What significance does clothing have in graffiti?

2.1.3. How long have you been writing graffiti?

2.1.4. Why is graffiti important in modern day society?

2.1.5. Why are certain brands of clothing popular amongst graffiti writers?

2.2. Footage of graffiti

2.2.1. Street bombing

2.2.2. Day/Night

2.3. Showcase the style of fashion typically worn by graffiti writers

2.3.1. Explanations of why they wear certain brands eg: Arcteryx, The North Face, Air Max

2.3.2. Clothing for all conditions, Dark (not easily visible at night)

2.4. Origins of fashion in graffiti

2.4.1. Hide Identity Political meaning Illegality of graffiti

2.4.2. Graffiti is all about style and what is pleasing to the eye

3. Fashion in Rave Culture

3.1. Vintage Designer Brands

3.1.1. Evisu

3.1.2. Air Max

3.1.3. Moschino

3.1.4. Tommy

3.2. Jungle and Garage

3.2.1. 90s Inspired Fashion Baggy jeans Bright colours Nostalgia 90s Music

3.3. High End Clothing

3.3.1. Makes a statement

3.3.2. Stone Island

3.3.3. CP Company Massimo Osti Italian Designer

3.3.4. Prada

3.4. Questions

3.4.1. What sort of clothing labels are popular in the scene?

3.4.2. Why do you think these brands are so popular?

3.4.3. What links do these labels have to the music genres?