English Language Learning Students (ELL)

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English Language Learning Students (ELL) by Mind Map: English Language Learning Students (ELL)

1. Educators have made great strides in teaching in the past 3 decades

1.1. Best way to teach is through Bilingual programs, not English only programs.

2. 2001 No Child Left Behind

2.1. States need to have a 100 percent passing of all the English language learners in 2014.

3. testing on academics

3.1. Most U.S. schools are serving ELL students, or will be in the near future.

3.1.1. All schools maybe required to report their ELL programs to the government in the next few years. They will be reporting testing and teaching techniques that they use with results.

4. account for about 14% of school aged children in the U.S.

4.1. This group includes all who are working on learning the English Language in school, not just Spanish speaking students.

5. Names for Second Language Learners

5.1. During the last years there has been different names for describing children who is learning a second language.

5.1.1. Students with Limited English Proficiency (LEPs), New node

5.1.2. Students for whom English is a Second Language (ESLs)

5.1.3. Second Language Learners (SLLs)