Knowledge of primary teachers about dyslexia


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Knowledge of primary teachers about dyslexia by Mind Map: Knowledge of primary teachers about dyslexia


1.1. With the investigation they determined that:

1.2. There are difficulties in school to temporarily identify dyslexia and monitor possible dyslexia cases

1.3. Teacher training does not address dyslexia, there is frustration in teachers because the child does not learn because of structural deficiencies and lack of parental support.

1.4. This is a neurological disorder that It affects learning and the fluency of reading and writing.


2.1. The evaluation of this disorder should be done professionally as a doctor, psychologist and therapist. but the teacher must have a great knowledge of the subject


3.1. The Federal University of Peru, based on qualitative research, sought to collect data on the knowledge of dyslexia in teachers, through a survey with questions such as: 1. What is your graduation level? 2. How do you feel about the challenges of literacy? 3. How should school be prepared to treat children with dyslexia?